Staying healthy tips – at work and at home

Even in these days of fast food, demanding jobs and everyday stress it’s possible to live healthy. Research shows how important exercise, adequate rest and a healthy diet are to a quality life. Finding what is most important is up to you. Elements to consider are age, physical abilities, time available and willpower.

If you have trouble setting up meal plans and exercise programs to fit your needs, you can pay a fee and have programs set up for you. All you have to do is follow the plan and pay the fee. If your budget doesn’t have room for another cost, try some of these staying healthy tips on your own.

Manage stress naturally

Stress management is a vital part of a healthy life. Modern technology allows work to follow us home and many times the stress follows too. Take some time and determine what stresses you. This will allow you to find ways to calm your anxiety at onset rather than wait until it’s affecting your work, your health and your home. Assessing our stress levels and determining how to control how we deal with it is time well spent.

At work stress:

  • Try to tackle each situation separately. Make a list to keep priorities in order.
  • Celebrate finishing a task by a stroll around the office.
  • Take a few deep cleansing breaths.
  • Find a short meditation podcast and walk or find a quiet spot to listen and clear your mind.

When work stress follows you home:

  • Walk off the tension while doing everyday chores. Make more than one trip to put away laundry, toys or other items.
  • Take that cup of coffee or glass of water on a walk with you. Outside is great but if inside is your only choice – walk in and out of every room in your home.
  • Take five minutes and read a book or look through a magazine.
  • Put some music on while you dust and dance the stress away.

Keep your sleep bank full

Sleep is when we give our bodies a chance to recuperate. A good night’s sleep allows us to start the next day refreshed and stress free. Routine is key when talking about sleep habits. Our internal time clock needs to reset every night. Turn off or put away electronic devices at least an hour before going to sleep. This gives your brain time to shift into a slower and calmer place. Find your way to relax and make it part of your routine each night. Meditation, a bubble bath with calming salts or essential oils may help to get you physically and mentally ready to rest and reset. For some, yoga is a great relaxation technique. Give it a try.

Work out a meal plan

Meals can be one of the hardest elements to change on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Planning an entire week of nutrient rich meals ahead of a busy week can be a helpful way to control calories and weight. Home cooking usually makes calorie intake and portion control easier but you can do the same when eating out – it just takes a little more research.

  • Start with small changes to your diet and you will be more likely to keep them in your routine.
  • Smaller portions has long been key to weight management.
  • Make use of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This keeps variety in your meals without extra planning.Healthy fresh fruits
  • Eating out has become more prevalent these days. Many restaurants now list the calories and portion sizes on their websites as well as their menus. Share an entree with another person in your party or take half of your entree home for tomorrow.

Meal delivery services are another way to structure your meal plans. Finding time to prepare a nutritious meal may be an issue or maybe you just aren’t big on cooking. If using one of these delivery services helps to alleviate stress at mealtime and fits into your monthly budget try one out for a month or two. Price and freshness of product are two main items to compare when looking at these services.

We all want to eat our favorite food or drink our favorite drink and having an active lifestyle enables you to indulge in those favorites once in a while without all the guilt. When healthy eating habits become a part of our everyday routine, our lifestyle becomes healthier as a whole.

Make exercise a good word

We all need to keep moving. Aging individuals even more so. There are numerous workout routines and exercise equipment choices available today. As we spend more time in office chairs or move up the aging ladder our lifestyles can easily become more sedimentary.

Gyms and health clubs abound even in small communities and home gyms require less room and have better equipment choices than in the past. Individual preferences usually lead you to choose one or the other. If you need variety to keep interest and drive high, maybe a combination of group workouts at a gym and self structured workouts at home are the answer. Always discuss exercise and meal plan changes with your health professional to insure healthy results.


Share your ups and downs

Most of us seem to achieve better results if we share. Some people find having a fitness partner is the way to go. Others find a written journal works best for them. There are fitness apps where keeping track of your fitness program and sharing your successes and failures with other members can be helpful. Find what works best for you – but don’t be afraid to change your choice if you find a better one down the road. Finding your way to a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing journey – make it a fun and enjoyable one.

You may achieve a healthier lifestyle by trying out any of these staying healthy tips. Exercise, adequate rest and healthy eating habits are all key elements to your success – make them a part of your everyday routine today!


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