Simple Weight Loss Tips

I seem to move through each year with slightly different patterns of weight gains and losses. Sadly as I age the pattern is showing more gains, so I have to give more attention to finding healthy solutions.

Keeping solutions simple is important to me. Searching for ways to live a healthier lifestyle sometimes feels like a second job. That’s when I know I need to stop and reconsider my plan and goals for keeping a healthy weight. Here’s some simple weight loss tips that help me stay closer to my goals with less stress.

Conquer Hunger Pangs

It’s difficult for me to lose weight even just a few pounds when needed if I always feel hungry. I can only ignore my grumbling stomach so long and then I have to snack. There goes my weight lose plans unless I have planned ahead.

  • Start your day with significant protein. Try a couple of eggs, some yogurt or a whey protein smoothie.
  • When those hunger pangs start drink a tall glass of water or a cup of green tea.
  • Have a snack ready to go that’s filling but low calorie. Some unsalted popcorn, a few carrot sticks or a spoonful of peanut butter.

Know when your hunger will strike and be prepared to conquer with low calorie snacks.

Limit Processed Foods

Almost every internet search for weight loss and healthy meals tells us to limit processed food in our meals. That’s hard to do in today’s fast paced, grab and go meals lifestyle.

  • Try cooking 3 or 4 meals this week without using processed foods and prepare enough to allow the leftovers to cover lunch or another meal.
  • Use single ingredient foods when possible. Use fresh vegetables instead of canned or frozen when in season. Same for fruits, you can even make fresh juice instead of buying it in a can or carton.
  • Prepare several snack bags for the week containing only fresh items. A snack size bag with a few pieces of fresh fruit or a hard-boiled egg can curb your appetite.

Choosing to use more fresh produce and limiting the use of processed foods in our meals is important if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Water – My Best Friend

Keep a glass of water handy – on your desk at work – by your favorite chair at home – in a travel cup in your car. Water is a great way to feel full without adding calories.

  • Replace sodas with water.
  • Instead of a glass of wine before dinner, fill your wine glass with water and a slice of fresh lemon.
  • At the first pang of hunger – drink a tall glass of water.

Water not only helps with weight loss, it nourishes our skin. How much water every day is enough? Eight – eight ounce glasses is recommended and with zero calories.

Small Changes Can Give Big Results

Take some time and walk yourself through your usual day. You will be able to see ways to help yourself avoid pitfalls and stumbling blocks before they affect your weight loss goals.

  • Use smaller plates at meals. Your plate will look full even though it’s actually a smaller portion so fewer calories.
  • Take your time and enjoy your meal. Eating slower usually means you feel full sooner so will eat less.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep gives our bodies time to digest food and reset for the next day. Not enough sleep or a fitful sleep can have a negative effect on your weight loss journey.

How we eat and sleep are important to our health. Small changes are easier to maintain and not usually as hard to get started.

Sometimes I have to stop and start over on my weight loss journey. I make a plan to eat healthier with fewer calories, less carbs and start an intense exercise program all at once. It never works so now I make it easy and start with small changes in my everyday routine and add small adjustments as I need them. Maybe these simple weight loss tips will help you start on your journey to lose weight. Just remember to leave room for adjustments as you go.







  1. Hi Penny, weight is something a lot of people struggle with. I weighed 105 for many years until my husband and I moved to Arizona. It was so hot I stayed inside all of the time, but kept my eating habits the same. I gained a lot of weight while we were there and in May of this year I weighed 233. I was so upset about my weight and knew I had to change it. I have since lost 49 lbs. I have more to go, but I am doing it slowly and working on changing my eating habits to keep off the weight. You have some good tips here. I have also started buying everything sugar free or no sugar added. I force my husband to eat the sugar free/no sugar added stuff because I don’t buy anything with sugar added any more. I also have found diet versions of drinks that are 0-5 calories per 8 ozs so I don’t have to only drink water. I have found Atkins bars are a great way to get protein and eat them for my breaks at work. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Losing slowly is better for me too. I haven’t tried the Atkins bars – but I will. I like the Meleluca bars myself so give them a try too. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the tips on eating healthier. I do some of them. I especially like to cut up veggies every Sunday and put them into snack packages for each day of the week.
    I like your idea of taking small realistic steps to eating healthy. It seems more attainable.
    Thanks for the good article.

    • Angela – the snack pack veggies works great – especially when I’m running late in the morning! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Agreed, plenty of water and sleep is extremely important for weight loss and fasting!
    Intermittent fasting has worked decently for me.
    Also, getting busy with stuff you love and staying away from the kitchen/food area can make it logistically difficult or even undesirable to eat.

    • You’re right – if I can walk by my kitchen without going in when I get home after work, I limit my snacking. Not always easy to do but it’s worth it. Thanks

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