Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

It’s almost impossible to live in our world today and not experience some form of stress. Our fast paced lifestyles generate situations where stress grow easily. I know my past work experiences have many examples of stressful situations. As an auditor in a large CPA firm, stressful days were more common than peaceful ones. Starting my own firm all those years ago created a different type of stress but one I had control over in many ways. I learned quickly that I needed fun ways to relieve stress.

Get a Hobby

Sounds easy but if you are like me it’s not! There are several activities I enjoy doing, but not enough to make one of them a hobby. My suggestion is to have several hobbies. Different days create different types of stress so one hobby may work better in one situation than another. Having more than one hobby allows you to keep it fun.

  • Are you crafty? If so, pick a project – maybe one you can take with you on the go.
  • Collectibles. Collect something – anything! It can be a collectible to resell and build value or one that just means something to you. Coins, baseball cards and old birdhouses – the possibilities are endless.
  • Start a garden. An indoor herb or outside vegetable garden will keep our hands and mind busy. The exercise you get is another bonus.

Hobbies don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Find one or ten that fits your passions and put them to work easing your stress.

Take a Class

Educating ourselves in any subject is always a great idea. Learning something new keeps our brains active helps keep our focus away from what stresses us.

Classes come in all forms these days. Actual attendance or on-line venues are physical choices.

  • Take a class on a subject you know nothing about. Ice fishing, scuba diving, dinosaur digs or bird watching.Fun Ways to Relieve Stress
  • Take a class that requires physical participation. A zumba or yoga class at your local recreation center or maybe golf or tennis lessons will be your choice.
  • Take a class that teaches a skill. Learn to make stained-glass, a piece of jewelry or bake a perfect souffle.

Any class you choose to take will enrich your life in some unique way besides pulling your thoughts away from your stressful environment. Make your class about having fun and enjoy any new doors it opens.

Get Your Endorphins Flowing

Our minds control our bodies. Sometimes my struggle is just getting my mind to shift from what is causing my stress to anything else. Fun ways to relieve stress can get your endorphins flowing and that will reduce your stress hormones as well.

  • Laugh – flip thru funny video clips on your smartphone – especially ones of your family if you have them.
  • Hugs – research shows hugs have huge benefits for us both mentally and physically. You know who appreciates a good hug as much as you do so find them and HUG.
  • Sex – physical intimacy is one of the quickest ways to get your endorphins going. Even just cuddling with your spouse or significant other produces great waves of endorphins so get to snuggling.

No matter how you choose to raise your endorphins, stress levels will ease and you will feel better. Happy thoughts and memories are vital to a healthy lifestyle.

Plan a Vacation

Giving yourself a “light at the end of the tunnel” is a fun may to ease stress. I always take a trip after tax season winds down and knowing I have that time away from my office eases the stress of long days and difficult clients. Planning my vacation is always fun.

  • Schedule 15 minutes somewhere in your busy day at least twice a week to look at possible destinations.
  • Make a new file on your desktop and call it “vacation” or “my time off” or whatever speaks to you. Save your possible destinations ideas in it so you can quickly and easily take a peek at them.Fun Ways to Relieve Stress
  • Share your vacation plans and idea with friends. Talking about it makes it real to you and keeps it active in your mind. That definitely relieves my stress.

Stress will not ease on it’s own, but changing your location may help. Disrupt your usual routine and you disrupt your stress – that may be enough to chase it away for a time.

Keep Stress at Bay

Stress can’t be ignored without adverse effects both mentally and physically. Taking the time to address what fuels your stress will allow you to pick solutions that will work best for you. There are many fun ways to relieve stress so find and act on yours.



  1. Thanks for the great tips on how to relieve stress. I prefer to learn something new because it keeps me focused and shifts my mind from what causes me the stress. I also like an idea about different hobbies. You’re right in different days we need different types of relief, so having more than one hobby would be great.

  2. You make a lot of good points in this article. I know I need a lot of variety in my days so I have learned what helps me unwind in the moment. For me, music, prayer, quick readings and picture puzzles work. Your suggestion about online classes is a good one, too. I do that whenever I can.

    • Colleen – I know finding more than one way to get through a stressful situation is key for me. Music and prayer are also my go to lifelines. Thanks so much for sharing. Penny

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