Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker – Do More Than Count Steps

Fitbit Alta Exercise Tracker

Product: Fitbit Alta

Color: Black/Silver

Weight: 1.1 ounces

Buy at: Amazon.com

Price: $104.95

Warranty: Limited 1 year


Fitbit Alta Review

I am most certainly not one of those exercise junkies that has to be in the gym a certain number of hours each day to be healthy. I do however value my health and look for ways to keep it on track. The Fitbit Alta is one of the ways I can do this with minimal knowledge of technology.

Easy Setup

Take your Fitbit Alta out of the box, charge it up and you’re ready to go. It really is that easy. It comes with a USB charger – which most of us understand how to use already. Once it’s charged, you can set up your phone or computer app to manage your settings. Time, steps, miles, calories used and sleep information are a few of the categories available.

Wear the Alta as Your Watch

I find it helpful to use the Alta as my watch for a couple of reasons besides time:

  • Reminders – you can set up your Alta to remind you to get up and move each hour. I really like this function because I can get lost in paperwork at my office and not move out of my chair for several hours sometimes. This keeps me on track for my step goal also.
  • It’s lightweight and small. I can wear it with my office attire without looking like I’m wearing an exercise tracker.

Calorie Watchdog

I like to have an idea throughout the day where I am on calories used. It automatically updates my fitness and meal planner app so I know if lunch with clients has to be salad or if I can have an extra bread stick. It also allows me to see where I am on calories before I start preparing dinner. I have a hard time planning ahead for meals so my Fitbit gives me an idea – based on calories – of what needs to be on the menu.

Sleep Habits

If you’re comfortable wearing a watch to bed, you will want to wear the Alta instead. It will give you some insight into your sleeping habits. I tried this function out in the beginning but personally I didn’t find it helpful in achieving my goals. Maybe it is just how my brain works but I seemed to wake up and check my Alta to see what time it was. I don’t usually do that since I don’t wear my watch to bed so I stopped wearing it at night. It was interesting to see how many times I was awake or “restless” as they say it – just not important to my goals since I get plenty of sleep each night.

There’s Always an App!

The Fitbit app I use on my smartphone is really easy to set up and use. You can input your goals for the day or week and your progress is updated whenever you sync your Fitbit to the app. I don’t keep mine on automatic sync because it draws on my battery and I don’t need to have it up to date every minute.Fitbit Alta App

There are achievement badges to earn, you can connect with other people to get support for reaching your goals, and you can use the coach function for workout ideas. These functions are easy to customize to your goals and allow you to track your progress. It allows you to see habits – both good and bad – that you may not know exist within your day and act on them accordingly.

Just My Opinion

I have used a couple of other devices in the past but the Fitbit Alta has been the best choice for me hands down. I have been using mine for several years and since Fitbit constantly adds or updates the features, I don’t feel the need to upgrade to a newer model. I can easily give it 4.5 out of 5 stars – give it a try and see if it can help you achieve your fitness goals a little faster.



  1. Such great points about activity trackers! I too love Fitbit’s products and have been using them for years as well! I find it very user friendly and, as you said, not obtrusive to work attire. It’s small and easily blends with my workout gear or my office outfits! Plus, I love being connected to my friends – it challenges me to get those few extra steps in to keep going in our challenges!

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