Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

I was introduced to essential oils about a year ago through a client. I have to admit I became a little obsessed with using them. After realizing how much I needed to learn about oils before sharing them with people in my world, I tried to find some everyday uses for essential oils that I could pass along.

Chemical Free – All Natural

My house is as chemical free as I can get it for the moment. If it made me want to cover my eyes or nose when using a product, it’s gone! When looking for all natural cleaning solutions, I found two companies I felt I could trust.

Melaleuca has chemical free products that I have used for years and continue to use because they work wonderfully. Having said that I like to have more than one option so I tried Young Living essential oils and definitely found a second option.

I can use essential oils for my floors, counter tops and baths and not only is everything sparkling clean but smells wonderful without effecting my eyes and nose in an unpleasant way.

Diffusers – What is in the Air I Breathe


Essential Oil Diffuser

I used to burn candles, melt wax or spray air fresheners to keep my home and office smelling pleasant. Changing to a diffuser for oils has really made it easier to know exactly what I’m putting in the surrounding air.

I never liked the idea of the smoke and ash created by candles even those that advertised a clean air policy. Waxes and sprays have so many ingredients I couldn’t identify and didn’t always understand even when I did the research to calm my fears about what was in them.

  • Office – My office is fairly small so a smell can be overwhelming whether it’s good or bad. The amount of paper found on my desk on any given day prohibits the use of candles due to the open flame. Electric melters for wax scents work fine but the same scent for several days gets a bit old and cleanup can be messy. The diffuser allows me to change the scent every time I add oil – sometimes several times a day if I want to and cleaning a diffuser is simple.
  • Home – I move my home diffuser wherever I am spending time that day. Sometimes the house needs to smell refreshed when the air conditioning or furnace has been running. Essential oils have so many options and even combining them can give you more new scents.
  • Home Gym – A plug into the outlet air freshener was in use in my home gym for ages. Then it hit me there were so many pluses to putting a diffuser there instead. I use an oil that lifts my spirit or clears my mind so I can work out in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Vehicle – My car doesn’t have the after school activities smell of cheer leading, cross-country track, volleyball and tennis anymore. I wish I had essential oils back in the days when it did that’s for sure. Today you can get a vehicle oil diffuser that keeps all those unwanted odors at bay and fills your car with just about any scent you want.

Healthy Fixes – Help With Aches and Pains

As I creep every so slowly into that older age group, I seem to have a few more aches and pains if I overdo a workout or tackle a project that requires me to use those muscle groups that have been idle for a while. Several essential oils have been beneficial for me in alleviating some of these aches and pains.

I’m certainly not promoting essential oils as a cure or medicine in any way – just sharing some ways they work for me as a natural source of healing.

I fought extreme headaches for years (not migraine strength thankfully) and was overjoyed when after switching to a multi-vitamin from Melaleuca I had fewer headaches. Those were the days of long hours at work, kids in every after school activity they could find and attempting to finish my college degree all at the same time. I was short on sleep and patience and several vitamins and minerals I found out. A good multi-vitamin replenished the shortfall of vitamins and minerals but the sleep and patience was all up to me. Tax season still gives me long hours and sometimes less than healthy nutrition so the headaches pop up occasionally. I have found that a little peppermint oil clears the headaches fairly easily for me.

Deep relief or Panaway essential oils from Young Living are my go to oils for neck and back aches when I spend too much time at my computer without a break. They have no unpleasant odor like some ointments do – in fact they are both pleasing to my nose and to anyone else who stops in. No more locker room smell at the office – that’s a win for sure.

I only use Young Living essential oils and you may have a specific brand that works for you. There are so many everyday uses for essential oils that I find new ones all the time. Let me know your favorite way to use them in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.






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