Design Your Own Workout Program

Summer is here and if you’re anything like me you need to shed a few winter pounds. Tax season keeps me sitting at my computer for hours each day and my daily workout is pretty much non-existent. There are many ways to design your own workout program – here’s my approach.


Take some time and find out what’s available. It’s worth the extra time to look at more than one type of program so you can get the most out of each workout.

  • Books galore have been written on this subject
  • On-line workout gurus each have their own style and approach
  • Gyms spend a large part of their financial budgets on advertising to promote their programs


I purchase several books on this subject each year and they all have different approaches to achieving the best results.

  • Fitness Nutrition – The Ultimate Fitness Guide by Nicholas Bjorn.
  • Slim for Life by Jillian Michales.

Both of these books are great reads with lots of valuable information. They are just two such examples of how different coaches address fitness and how each approach works – just maybe not in the same way for each person. I use both of their methods in my daily workouts because the two different styles keep my workouts from getting boring and refocuses my mind each day on keeping a healthy lifestyle.

On-Line Workout Programs

I subscribe to more than one on-line workout program – most are free and I pay for a couple. This gives me more options which keeps my workouts fresh and encouraging.

  • Denise Austin has multiple options to choose from. I really like her Life Fit 360 program. It’s focused toward women my age (not aged but over 50). You can go at your own pace and make use of her videos and meal plans as an entire program or work just the pieces that you feel address your needs. I tend to do an entire week of her videos and then have a week of various other programs I piece together. When you design your own workout program you can really focus on any area of need along with keeping all other areas toned. 
  • Daily Burn is an easy one to try since they offer a 30-day free trial. Sign up and give it at least a couple of weeks to see if any of the workouts fit your goals. Then either continue or cancel – either way you should come away with beneficial information and ideas to build on.


In my younger days, I belonged to a tennis club, the YMCA and a slew of various fitness clubs. I think I learned more about the importance of setting a time schedule and duration limit for my workouts than anything else. Don’t get me wrong – the exercise was beneficial but now I see the value of keeping to a set time frame so it’s easier to stay focused on my goals and not get frustrated at “it’s time to workout”. They all served a purpose at the time but now I prefer to use my home gym instead. I just have to remember the cost of not using my home gym is a hit to my health not a hit to my bank account.


We all set our priorities each day – sometimes without even realizing it. It’s a part of how we start the day. I find it’s absolutely a must when I restart a workout program to not only include my workout as a priority in each day but to set priorities within my workouts. As I age, my trouble areas change and therefore how I exercise does too. I have finally realized I don’t have the same endurance or mindset I used to have either.

I need to limit my daily workout to 30 minutes. No matter what kind- treadmill work, cardio work or a yoga session – the time has to stay at 30 minutes.

Nutrition is always an important part of a healthy lifestyle and fuels each workout. Work on both areas together and make each of them a priority within the other.

Have Fun – Get Results

Take bits and pieces from each program you like and build a workout that fits just you. I enjoy doing the research and then planning a daily schedule that works for me. If a particular day gives me trouble – I drop it and replace it with something totally different rather than suffer through it. I want to look forward to each daily workout and that only happens if I feel it getting me to my goal. Some days my 30 minutes is spent with 2 or 3 different video coaches and some days it’s all treadmill work.

Don’t be afraid to mix in something totally different once in a while. It has been said “variety is the spice of life” – so true in workout designs. Let me know how you design your own workout program – I’m always looking for new ways to keep my workouts fresh.






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