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Rid your household of chemicals. I see this topic everywhere almost every day. Is it a fad or something to take seriously? I think it’s both! There is enough medical and scientific proof of how harmful these chemicals can be to our daily life to make it a priority in our house. Since it is a hot topic, it might be considered a fad as well. People jump on the bandwagon without doing any real research of their own as to what products are actually chemical free and what ones mask the chemicals in the terminology written on their product containers.

How can we be chemical free at home and still feel our household is clean?

No Chemical Cleaners – Do They Work?

It really depends on who you ask and how often they use these cleaning products. If it takes way more product to do the job, it’s not working whether it’s chemical free or not. Ask your friends what they use. The best endorsement a product can get is from someone who uses it every day. That’s how I found the two products I use the most.

  • Tub & Tile – a Meleluca product. No harsh smell or burning eyes when I use it and it works. I don’t have to spend all day scrubbing my kitchen and bathrooms and one pass gets them clean and sparkling for the week.
  • Thieves – a Young Living Essential Oil product. This is their signature essential oil blend in a cleaning solution. Again, no harsh smell or burning eyes when using it.

If my nose burns or my eyes water when I’m using a cleaning product, the whole bottle goes in the trash. No second chance at my house. These two products allow me to clean easily and quickly without worrying about using the counter top or table for food preparation immediately after use. They are also safe to use around pets which is also a concern for many families today.

Laundry and Dishes

If your children or grandchildren participate in any sports, you know how hard it is to get those socks and uniforms clean. Bleach has not been allowed in my house for years so what gets whites white again?

Both Meleluca and Young Living have products I use along with some easy DIY solutions. It took a while to get used to detergent and soap without suds, but I’m finally comfortable with just a few bubbles. I know the bubbles don’t make the cleaner but my brain tells me that’s how I know it’s working! Reprogramming this aging brain takes more than one attempt.

The hardest item for me to give up has been dryer sheets. From what I read these small thin sheets are loaded with chemicals. I finally gave in and bought some wool dryer balls that I can keep fresh with a few drops of my favorite essential oil whenever needed. I really expected my laundry to be a mass of wrinkles and full of static cling the first time I used the dryer balls. Seriously, one load of laundry was all it took to change my mind. Having done a lot of research before buying told me you get what you pay for in dryer balls so I paid the extra few dollars and bought 100% wool and they have been worth every cent. No wrinkles – no static cling and no chemicals!

Personal Hygiene Products – Hard to Change Habits

Body soap, hair care products, deodorants, hand lotions/creams and even makeup products are typically loaded with chemicals. Take a look at the ingredient list on the packaging. I can’t even pronounce most of the items included – let alone know what they do and the last thing I want to do is find something new.

I get so frustrated with hair care products. My cabinet is full of anti-frizz conditioners, mousse, leave in gels etc that have various price tags and various results – most of which don’t seem to give the results promised on the package. One of my sisters has done considerable research on hair products and now actually understands the science behind what to use, when to use it and how to apply it – I had to write down what she told me – it was that different from my usual routine. But it does seem to work most of the time and when it doesn’t I’m sure it’s user error!

There has been tremendous research on make up products in the past several years. It’s not hard to find reviews and comparisons discussing skin disorders, connections to cancer and premature aging related to makeup products. If what you use has questionable ingredients or continually shows up on reputable reviews as containing chemicals you are not comfortable with, start researching alternatives.

It takes work to try different products and see if they give you the results you want without all the harsh chemicals. The label will promise you everything – only trial and error tells you if it lives up to the print.

Clothing – A Sensitive Subject

My clothes closet is definitely not chemical free. I have several items which are made with organic – natural cotton fabrics. I love them but they do require more work to keep them in good shape. Washing them less often and in the delicate cycle requires some extra time so I keep them separate from the rest of the family laundry. I realize this would be more of a chore if I still had children at home and busier schedules. I can adjust fairly easily now but my kids would have to make major adjustments to implement using chemical free clothing in their busy lives. Those people with allergies don’t have a choice so I assume we could all adjust if we were forced to by immediate health concerns.

Make It a Family Decision

Do some research for yourself and then present your findings to your entire family at once. Then set up a plan to start with one area at a time and work through your household. Changing over all your cleaners, detergents, soaps etc may have a higher cost associated with it than your budget can handle in just one month. You may be like me and need to make changes slowly – test one product at a time – if it works great keep it – if not throw it in the trash and move on. This will be easier on your bank account too. Get everyone in your household involved in some way so it doesn’t feel to them as if they have no say in the matter. However you choose to attack the chemicals in your household, make it a positive move to be chemical free at home.

Let me know if you have a great product or alternative that works for you – I am always looking for new ideas.



  1. I also love the chemical free alternatives available these days. For me, knowing that if my grandkids get into the dishwasher soap or other normally poisonous cleaner, nothing bad happens – that’s a big reason for me to choose chemical-free. Besides, who wants to be breathing in that stuff all the time? Good article, thanks.

  2. Thanks – I totally agree. Options for chemical free products were hard to find when my kids were young – now it’s important to keep our grandkids safer since we can.

  3. For me, I think chemical free is the way of the future. With higher demand in using chemical free products, you’re going to find such product hopefully hit mainstream store shelves at competitive pricing to their chemical-laden counterparts. However, as of right now it’s going to take, as you said, reprogramming of some minds, including my own, when it comes to sharing the benefits of chemical free, but in time, the demand will be there and companies at this point will be more than happy to comply to consumer demand. 

    • I agree Todd, we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the future of chemical free products.  Getting started now in my home is just the beginning.  Thanks for commenting.  

  4. Hi, Penny.
    Thanks for an informative article on Chemical Free Home.
    It needs a real change in mindset to adopt chemical-free cleaners and what I liked most is your suggestion that let us make it a family decision with one item at a time. This way we can surely inculcate the habit of living in a chemical free home and it will be easy on the pocket.
    Thanks for your unique suggestions.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thanks Gaurav – it is becoming a habit at my house so maybe we can get our friends to start the same habit in their homes. Thanks for taking the time to share with me.  Penny

  5. As with every life decision, it’ll require a good bunch of motivation, research, determination,and consistency. Regardless of how I feel for example about vegans and their creed, for them to be succesful at veganism, they depend on all of these. Those that don’t will either lose to counter arguments, or just give in due to circumstances. The same applies with striving towards a lifestyle free from harmful chemicals and how chemicals have become such a part of everyday life.

    • True – everything worth achieving requires time, work and dedication.  Hopefully more will consider chemical free worth the effort.  Thanks for your input.  

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